Holiday Toy List to Support Speech-Language Development

The holiday season is here and parents may be wondering which toys they can buy for their child that also support their development. The best toys to support your child’s speech and language development are traditional, timeless toys that do not make noises or talk for your child. When a toy talks to a child, parents talk less, which causes the child to be less engaged and therefore vocalize less. Ditching the batteries and getting back to the basics is key. Less is more when it comes to choosing toys that are developmentally appropriate for your child.

Here is a list of non-tech toys that are favorites amongst speech-language pathologists to boost a child’s communication and social interaction:

Traditional, timeless toys

Traditional toys are open-ended and can be used in a variety of ways to increase communication, social interactions, and play skills.

Farm Set 

Mr. Potato Head 

Pull-Back Vehicles 

Play Food Sets 

Play-Doh Sets 

Baby Doll Sets 

Musical Instruments 

Sticker Book 

Simple, turn-taking games

Simple, turn-taking games teach children how to engage in back-and-forth interactions with others.  

Pop the Pig 

Pop-Up Pirate 


Crocodile Dentist 


Reading to your children is essential for developing early literacy skills and vocabulary. 

From Head To Toe 

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie 

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? 

100 Words Book 

Have You Seen My Cat? 

 Cause-and-effect toys

Cause-and-effect toys are great for beginning communicators to get them involved and engaged. The cool effects will get your child asking for “more”! 

Wind-Up Toys 

Pound and Roll Tower 

Pop-Up Animals 

Coin Pig 


 Building blocks and puzzles

Building blocks and puzzles develop early problem-solving skills. Label items in puzzles to increase your child’s vocabulary. 

Farm Puzzle 

Fishing Puzzle  

Magnetic Tiles 

Marble Tower 

Wooden Town Set 

Shape Sorter Dump Truck 

Jumbo Blocks