Abigail B

Therapeutic Assistant

Blue Bird Day Employee Since 2022


Bachelors of Science in Psychology,
Loyola University Chicago (Current Student)

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My Story

After coaching soccer and skiing to children around five and six years old, I did not think that I would get the opportunity to work with children again despite how much I enjoyed it. Studying developmental psychology in college, however, has allowed me to see the importance of helping children throughout their development. I was lucky enough to intern here at Blue Bird Day, where I shadowed Behavioral and Developmental Therapists and learned more about children with various developmental differences. While my career path is not completely set, I have always appreciated, whether I was coaching or shadowing, watching each child’s personality grow and know that I was able to help them in the best way that I could. And I hope to continue that work here at Blue Bird Day!

My Blue Bird Day

I interned at Blue Bird Day during my spring semester of junior year. I shadowed both behavioral and developmental therapists.

My Advocacy

I try my best to support organizations that help others, and to also be positive toward all people.

My Blue Bird Day Goals

  1. My goal is to learn more about the various types of therapies, specifically behavioral and developmental.