Alexis C

Therapeutic Assistant

Blue Bird Day Employee Since 2021


(In Progress) BA Applied Psychology,
University of Illinois at Chicago

Credentials and Certification 

  • Youth Service Award- Obtained through leadership and Service opportunities.
  • P.R.I.D.E (Positive Role Models Inspiring Direction To Excellence) Board member.

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My Story

My journey to wanting to be a therapist started when I was a freshman in college. I always knew I wanted to work with children in some regard, so I picked education. I was majoring in early childhood development. Well, attending school, I started going to therapy from past traumas in my life. It was through that I found my true passion. I saw an enormous amount of growth within myself and I knew this was the way I wanted to help children. So I changed my major to applied psychology and I couldn’t be more passionate about a career path.

My Blue Bird Day

I don’t have any prior experience but am looking forward to learning.

My Blue Bird Day Goals

  1. Finish my undergrad in applied psychology.
  2. Get my master specializing with children and families.