Where are you from? Cincinnati, OH
What did you study?In undergraduate I started as a vocal performance major then switched and graduated with a degree in Sociology. I also graduated with a masters in occupational therapy.
Name the moment that inspired you to take your career path.Really it was a series of moments and decisions. I took a couple of years researching and shadowing different professionals. When I shadowed an OT, I remember thinking wait I can do this as a job!
What do you specialize in? Pediatrics
Coffee or Tea?Coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon
Favorite therapeutic swing?Lycra swing
What do you do consider your greatest accomplishment? Directing kindergarteners in the most adorable rendition of Pinocchio. I was so proud of all their hard work!
Books or Movies?Both!
Where would you go on your dream vacation?Brazil, but I love to travel so there is a long list of dream vacations!
What is your favorite children’s book? The Book with No Picture by B.J. Novak
What skill are you most proud of? I am proud of my ability to always see the glass half full and my ability to Moonwalk almost as cool as Michael Jackson.
Winter or Summer?Both, that is why I enjoy living in an area with all of the seasons!

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Occupational Therapist
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