Blake M

Therapeutic Assistant

Blue Bird Day Employee Since 2021


Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy,
University of California, Santa Cruz

Credentials and Certification 

  • CPR/First Aid/AED Certified

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My Story

As a one-to-one soccer trainer for over 5 years, I’ve seen the tremendous value that personalized education and attention brings. Supporting an individual’s development and watching them acquire new skills is incredibly rewarding and those experiences are what led me to pursue a career in teaching. I was fortunate to also have the opportunity to teach and assist with sports-centric classes for children ranging from 16 months to 6 years old and instantly fell in love with it. Several of the children in my classes were on the ASD spectrum, and the wonderful experience I had supporting them and their families while watching them gain confidence through learning new skills is the reason I’m so excited to join the team at Blue Bird Day as a therapeutic assistant.

My Blue Bird Day Goals

  1. Become an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher.
  2. Pursue an advanced degree in Philosophy with an emphasis on Philosophy of Disability.