Dr. Bridget M, OTD, OTR/L

Senior Occupational Therapist

Blue Bird Day Staff and Bridget McNamara

Blue Bird Day Employee Since 2017


Doctorate of Occupational Therapy
MGH Institute of Health Professionals

Bachelors in Rehabilitation and Human Services
Pennsylvania State University

Clinical Expertise

  • DIR Floortime 
  • Sensory Integration 
  • Intentional Relationship Model 

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My Story

I have always been interested in working with children. I was a camp counselor for a few summers growing up and really wanted to make that my full-time career. Once I figured out it wasn’t realistic to only work summers, I dreamed to find a career that I enjoyed as much as my summer jobs. I was lucky enough to stumble upon occupational therapy through a family friend, one of the most skilled OTs I’ve ever met (and that’s saying something when you work at BBD!). From my first session shadowing her, I knew I had found the career I had dreamed about. 

My Blue Bird Day

BBD has been the foundation of my OT career. I moved to Chicago as a new grad from the East Coast to take a job at Blue Bird Day. I was excited about BBD from reading their website and got more and more excited the more I learned. I came to observe before taking the job and realized immediately that I was surrounded by talented and passionate therapists.  BBD has become my Chicago family, and I am so grateful to be surrounded by great coworkers, clients, and families! 

My Advocacy

Autism Speaks

My Blue Bird Day Goals

  1. To always continue to learn and grow my knowledge base and skill level to provide the best care possible to my clients and families.