Diana N

Therapeutic Assistant

Blue Bird Day Employee Since 2021


Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Hearing Science,
University of Iowa

Clinical Expertise

  • Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Early Childhood Development

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My Story

I’ve always had a passion working with children and helping others. I worked with children in ages ranging from newborn to pre-teen in childcare, clinic, as well as academic settings for almost a decade. From nannying, I discovered speech therapy, where I was given the opportunity to shadow as well as assist in each unique client-clinician session. From there, I decided to pursue speech and hearing sciences as my major in undergraduate school.

My Blue Bird Day

No prior experience, however I volunteered at a children’s clinic similar to Blue Bird Day and Eyas Landing’s structure throughout my undergraduate career.

My Advocacy

I am sensitive to the socioeconomic and cultural differences of individuals. I am also a strong advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as social justice/welfare. I do not participate much in specific organizations but hold special interest with marginalized populations.

My Blue Bird Day Goals

  1. After receiving an ample amount of clinical experience, I intend on applying to graduate schools to earn my Master’s degree in speech language pathology and settle down in a Chicagoland clinic or hospital setting.