Krishna B, B.S.

Office Manager, Northcenter

Blue Bird Day Employee Since 2021


Bachelors in Science in Neuroscience,
University of Illinois at Chicago

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My Story

I have always wanted to work in healthcare with the goal of helping many, and have spent much of my working life in various clinics. The more experience I gained, I realized that my skills and passion came from managing and organizing to provide a seamless experience for not only those receiving services, but the many that provide healthcare as well.

My Blue Bird Day

I have a few years of experience in the therapy world, and am always awestruck by how the smallest of successes mean so much to so many families. The ability to help those in need is a fulfilling service that we can provide. Everyday, we learn something new that can be implemented to better our services for those that benefit.

My Advocacy

I support the Ray Graham Association, an amazing local organization that empowers many people, and Feed My Starving Children, an international organization that reaches so many around the globe.

My Blue Bird Day Goals

  1. My goals are to continue growing in my career path, and better my skills to be able to exceed my own expectations, without losing sight of my main goal: help as many as possible!