Mackenzie S

Therapeutic Assistant

Blue Bird Day Employee Since 2021


Bachelor of Arts in International Studies,
Indiana University Bloomington

Credentials and Certification 

  • Pediatric CPR/First Aid Certified
  • Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale Certified

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My Story

I have always enjoyed working with children and within diverse populations, as both groups challenge your personal mindset with new perspectives and provide you with the opportunity to learn, grow, and help others. Throughout high school and college, I volunteered and worked for many different organizations including Special Olympics, MEDLIFE, early childhood development centers, and mental health clinics. Ultimately, each of these experiences (paired with my undergraduate studies) reinforced how complex our struggles (and just our lives in general) can be and how we can always use some extra support at times. It is such a privilege for people to let you into their lives and see their challenges and watch their growth, so I hope that, in return, I can make a positive impact on those who let me in and help them towards achieving their goals and leading the life they hope for.

My Blue Bird Day

In preparation for my first day at BBD, everyone has been incredibly helpful and welcoming. I look forward to learning and growing with everyone and, hopefully, to have a meaningful impact on the people I meet!

My Advocacy

I’m particularly passionate about children development, mental health, global health, cultural competency, and refugees. I support Translators without Borders, Special Olympics, and the International Rescue Committee.

My Blue Bird Day Goals

  1. Ultimately, I would like to return to school to receive a Master’s in Social Work.
  2. From there, I would love to continue working with children, but am also really interested in working with refugee populations and integrating a multi-dimensional and culturally mindful approach into my career.