Maggie T

Therapeutic Assistant

Blue Bird Day Employee Since 2022


Bachelors of Science in Chemistry with a Concentration in Biochemistry,
Duke University

I am currently an undergraduate student at Duke University and will be a rising junior in the Fall.

Clinical Expertise

  • I am specifically interested in sensory integration and pediatrics.

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My Story

At Duke University, I have had the amazing opportunity to work with our Center for Autism and Brain Development through an undergraduate research position. This role has been extremely rewarding and has inspired me to later pursue medical school, with a specific focus on developmental pediatrics. Through the TA position at Blue Bird Day, I have had the fortunate opportunity to continue working closely with young children with ASD as well as shadow other professionals in their respective fields.

My Blue Bird Day

While I am new to the Blue Bird Day team, I am extremely excited to join such a collaborative and supportive work environment!

My Blue Bird Day Goals

  1. After graduating Duke University in the spring of 2024, I hope to attend medical school and study developmental pediatrics.