Melanie W, MA, BCBA

Where are you from? Palatine, Illinois.
What did you study?Masters of Art in Applied Behavior Analysis,
Ball State University
What do you specialize in? ABA therapy working with an interdisciplinary team, skill acquisition programs through discrete trial training and natural environment training, behavior reduction, and potty training.
Coffee or Tea?Coffee!
Favorite therapeutic swing?Platform Swing.
What you do consider your greatest accomplishment? Becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst!
Books or Movies?Movies.
Where would you go on your dream vacation?The Maldives.
What is your favorite children’s book or song? Pout Pout Fish.
What skill are you most proud of? My patient and compassionate approach when working with my kiddos and their families!
Winter or Summer?Chicago summers are the best!
Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Blue Bird Day and bloom