Harvesting Some Fun

Guest Authored By Briana C, MA, RBT

Autumn/Fall is such a wonderful time of the year. The weather is changing and it’s time to pull out the cozy sweater and warm socks. The trees are losing their leaves and the ground is covered in beautiful orange and red leaves. Two favorite fall activities that are loved by both the young and old are going to the apple orchard and the pumpkin patch. These activities were brief moments where individuals can learn about how the food was grown and harvested. This blog is about how our children at Blue Bird Day are expanding on their many developmental skills while they learn about harvesting and farming.

The word harvest means the process or period in which crops are gathered. In the U.S alone there are over 2 million farms. There are many different types of farming, from commercial (where the crops are grown and sold) to subsistence (grown for the farmer and their family). On these particular farms, food is grown. It varies from produce to poultry, each serving as a vital part of the meal placed on the table.  

Autumn/Fall is the peak time for farmers to begin their harvesting. The time may vary from late July to October (September being the most common time period). During the process of harvesting, the farmer may use a tool, such as a scythe, to help remove the grain from the ground. Some larger farms may use animals or machinery to help gather in the crops. The farmers will sort through the goods to determine which is best to sell off or cook for their own family.  

At Blue Bird Day, each child is presented with the opportunity to learn about farming and harvest. They may have the chance to plant fruits and vegetables of their own in the nutrition group. There they will learn how the fruits and vegetables help our bodies to grow. They may read stories during developmental therapy which speaks to their ability to understand and retain the information and apply it to their lives. Or, the child could be presented with crop/farming like toys during social group which speaks to their ability to generalize the knowledge in a different setting but also expanding upon the ideas with friends and how to use their inclusion skill. Farming and harvesting is a skill that has been planted and is being cultivated daily. Blue Bird’s clients are like a beautiful crop and soon will be harvested to share with the rest of the world!