What is Blue Bird’s Therapeutic Kindergarten Program?

Blue Bird Day’s therapeutic kindergarten-level program fosters socialization, sensory regulations, and skill-building in children. It is designed for children with developmental delays, Autism (ASD), sensory processing disorder (SPD), ADHD, stuttering, articulation and phonological disorders, and sensory-based feeding disorders. Our therapy program at Blue Bird Day is unique in that your child’s day will be individualized based on your needs and goals for your child and family.

Your child will receive a combination of therapies in a peer-orientated setting, with a focus on social work, occupational, physical, speech, and behavioral therapies. Our program utilizes an intensive therapy approach, to give your child the skills they need to transition into the next least restrictive environment.

How is the Therapeutic Kindergarten Program Incorporated into the Day?

Our therapeutic Kindergarten-level program is Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 1:00pm. The kindergarten day consists of larger group learning and socialization time, therapeutic rotations, snack, and lunch. Extended Day Sessions, consisting of additional therapy services, may be available before or after the program, depending on staff recommendations and availability.

What Goals are Worked on During the Kindergarten Program?

After a comprehensive evaluation, you and your team will work together to build functional and meaningful goals for your child. In addition, your child will be assigned goals aligned with the Blue Bird Day Hierarchy of Skill Development ©, a systemized approach to target abilities across all areas of development in order to promote growth and learning. We believe that skills developed at each level build to create meaningful participation in daily life and a transition into the school environment. If your child is moving from the Blue Bird Day preschool program, they will continue to work on their hierarchy goals in the same order when they move into the kindergarten program. For those children that begin Blue Bird Day at the start of kindergarten, their therapy team will work to assess and baseline skills within the hierarchy so that there is no delay in identifying their skills and areas of need.

What Other Services Compliment the Kindergarten Program?

Your child’s team will work with you to determine the best plan for your child. Individual, social group, and home sessions are often recommended. These sessions are aimed to help your child fine-tune skills with individual attention, generalize skills with peers, or help you manage behaviors at home. Those enrolled in our kindergarten program typically do a combination of social skills groups and individual clinic sessions; however, these are dependent on team recommendations.

What Happens After the Kindergarten Program?

The overarching goal of Blue Bird Day is that our children graduate into the least restrictive social and learning environment that best meets their needs. For some children, that means transferring to their local school, while other children may benefit continuing an intensive approach such as Merlin Day Academy. Your team will work with you throughout your last year at Blue Bird Day to ensure that the transition to your child’s next school is seamless and appropriate. Our therapists are available to participate in IEP meetings, school observations, and any other support your family may need. In addition, our therapy team is available to provide after school therapy sessions as part of your transition to ensure an even smoother and supportive transition for your family.

Admissions Process

  • Tour Blue Bird Day Facility
  • Q&A with Director
  • Play Date with Child Development Specialist
  • Multi-Disciplinary Team Evaluation
  • Behavior Evaluation with Board Certified Behavior Analyst, if Applicable
  • Individualized Intensive Therapy Service Plan (IITSP) Meeting
  • Individualized Schedule Created By Blue Bird Day Team
  • Start Blue Bird Day Services!
  • Semi-Annual Progress Note/Report and Team Meeting
  • Annual Evaluation/IITSP to Review Progress
  • Graduation

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