Our Diversity Statement

At Blue Bird Day, leadership and staff proactively incorporate diversity, inclusivity, and anti-racism into our daily culture through supportive discussions and actions related to individual, neighborhood, national, and global incidents of oppression. We are committed to creating a safe environment that recognizes and celebrates our unique differences and upholds social justice values. As we strive to cultivate an enriching environment that fosters introspection for our clients and staff, we honor the importance of community collaboration, individual successes, and intersectional advocacy.

Our action steps include:

  • BIPOC Affinity Group to empower discussions around diversity and anti-racism.
  • Utilization of intersectionality curriculum and materials to promote discussion and learning.
  • Accessing community-based consultants specializing in inclusivity, diversity, and anti-racism.
  • Creating an infrastructure of trust regarding the impact of marginalized trauma for staff and clients.
  • Designing a process with families to promote a child’s identity development.
  • Partnering with local organizations to support community stakeholders.