What is Blue Bird’s Therapeutic Extended Day Program?

Extended Day provides supplemental therapeutic services outside of the regularly scheduled Blue Bird Day program. The individualized schedules are based on therapist recommendations and family schedules. All therapeutic services are available during the Extended Day and treatment can be one-on-one or in a peer orientated environment.

How is the Therapeutic Extended Day Program Incorporated into the Day?

Extended Day services are available Monday through Friday outside of the preschool and kindergarten program hours. Specific hours may vary based off your child’s Blue Bird Day location, therapeutic recommendations, and therapist availability. Therapists can treat in the home or at a Blue Bird Day facility.

What Programs are Offered?

ABA Therapy

Interventions that decrease challenging behaviors and increase appropriate behaviors.

Developmental Therapy

Interventions that address a child as a whole to develop cognitive, language, communication, social, and motor skills.

Feeding Therapy

Interventions for children to develop the skills they need to eat and have healthy mealtime routines.

Occupational Therapy

Interventions that support children to strengthen their skills in order to participate in functional day-to-day activities.

Physical Therapy

Interventions that improve gross motor skills in children.

Speech Therapy

Interventions to help children develop the skills they need to express language.

Social Work

Interventions to help children with any and all emotional and social needs.

Therapeutic Rest

Interventions for children to receive downtime to relax between therapy sessions.

Afterschool Club

Interventions for those children who no longer need a nap but benefit from unstructured time to relax between therapy services.

Preschool and Kindergarten Example Schedules

What are the Goals of the Therapeutic Extended Day Program?

Extended Day services allow therapists to tailor therapy services to the individual needs and goals of your child. Extended Day services practice the same multi-disciplinary and evidence-based approach as the rest of the Blue Bird Day program. Extended Day aims to provide a more comprehensive program that fosters quicker and better results.

Who Makes up the Therapeutic Extended Day Team?

Our Extended Day Program is available for those clients that are recommended for services in addition to the Blue Bird Day preschool and kindergarten program. These services include Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Social Work, Developmental Therapy, ABA Therapy, Feeding Therapy, After School Club, and Therapeutic Rest. Due to the intensive nature of our services, there may be different therapists working with your child for extended day sessions. Our therapy teams are collaborative and communicate with each other and our families to ensure carryover of skills with various people and environments.

Therapeutic Extended Day Program Insurance Coverage

All insurance plans vary, but typically these services are covered. Our administrative and billing team would be more than happy to walk you through the process. Feel free to connect with us for questions and more information.