Blue Bird Day Therapeutic Preschool

Therapeutic Preschool Program Session 1

Monday through Thursday

Therapist with Preschool Child

Therapeutic Preschool Program Session 2

Monday through Thursday

Therapist with Preschool child

Therapeutic Preschool Program For Your Child

Blue Bird Day’s therapeutic preschool-like program fosters socialization, sensory regulations and skill building in young children. It is designed for children with developmental delays, including Autism (ASD), sensory processing disorder (SPD), Down Syndrome, ADHD, stuttering, articulation and phonological disorders and sensory based feeding disorders. Our therapy program at Blue Bird Day is unique in that your child’s day will be individualized based on your needs and goals for your child and family. While your child will receive a combination of therapies in a peer-orientated setting, we provide two different focuses, behavior therapy or developmental therapy, based on your child’s needs, as seen below.