Pediatric Therapeutic Facilities

Blue Bird Day’s pediatric therapeutic facilities were designed with the child’s needs in mind by occupational therapist and child development specialist, Dr. Laura Mraz. Located in West Loop, Northcenter, and Wheaton, our facilities were specially created using the evidence-based approach to promote client participation and engagement. A variety of suspended swings, crash pads, and obstacle course materials are used in the sensorimotor gyms to get bodies moving, while the minimal design removes unnecessary dysregulating distractions.

Blue Bird Day kids are highly motivated to engage in our therapeutic program and enjoy the many options the space offers. Whether it’s climbing to the top of our rock wall or crashing into our ball pit, clients use this space to conquer many obstacles and reach their goals.

Our facilities include:

  • Learning Focused Therapy Rooms
  • Minimalist Lunch Rooms
  • Nut Free Kitchen Facilities
  • Innovative Sensory Retreat Rooms
  • Individual Treatment Rooms
  • Interactive Sensorimotor Gyms
  • Quiet Rooms For Rest
  • Individual Cubbies

West Loop Facility

11,500 sq. ft.

Wheaton Facility

11,500 sq. ft.

Northcenter Facility

5,000 sq. ft.