What is the Therapy Case Manager’s Role?

Our Therapy Case Managers (TCMs) at Blue Bird Day act as our teachers within our therapeutic preschool and kindergarten-like programs. They hold a unique role within our program, by blending their distinctive lens’ on development and case management, while collaborating within their teams to create holistic therapy interventions for their clients.

Who Makes up the Therapy Case Management Team?

With a shared expertise in supporting child development using relationship-based and individualized intervention, our Therapy Case Management team is comprised of an elite group of Developmental Therapists, Social Workers, and Licensed Professional Counselors. Click the links below to learn more about these disciplines!

How do Therapy Case Managers Organize the Intensive Therapeutic Program?

Blue Bird Day TCMs create classroom-simulated environments that are friendly to young children still learning how to process the sensory and social emotional demands of peer environments. During the program day, our TCMs hold both small and large group time with each child to support the social, emotional, cognitive, and self-care skills necessary to be motivated and successful learners through play-based interventions.

Who Makes Up the Therapy Case Management Team?

Each team member at Blue Bird Day has a unique specialty of focus that allows for treatment plans to be tailored to each child.

Therapy Case Management Head

Molly R

Specializes in infancy and early child development for birth-3 years, Developmental Therapy, Facilitating Attuned Interactions Approach (FAN), and Floortime/DIR model.