Music and Dance

Welcome to Blue Bird Day’s Weekly Lesson Plans. This week we’re working on the theme Music and Dance! Read below for more themed lesson plans and activities.

Table Time Activity: Make a Sound Jar


Clear mason jars or tupperware containers.


Cotton balls.

Different small items that make various noises.

Skill Check

Experiment with pitch, frequency, loudness and visual differences.

Growing My Skills

Place jars at a safe distance from child (at least 3). Fill jars with 3 different items. Shake each jars and ask questions about what they hear.

What will it sound like? Is it loud or soft? Does it make a sound?

Allow them to explore safe objects from inside the jar if possible.

Ask follow up questions or allow them to tell you their thoughts.

Floortime Play Activity: Elmo Slide Dance


Your body.

A dancing buddy.

Optional: Add colored scarves, dish towels or bandanas in hand.

The Elmo Slide.

Skill Check

The goal of this activity is to spending time together in a playful, imaginative way. There should be limited structure and a lot of pretending.

Growing My Skills

Assist child in carrying out each step of the “Elmo Slide.” Use high affect movement and sound effects to make movements more exciting.

Adding scarves or a small hand towel will allow your child to extend movements and create creative dance moves to the song.

If your child requires motor assistance to complete a dance step, complete dance move sitting or using the prop instead!

Relaxation Time Activity: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Skill Check

The goal of this week is to utilize calming music as an everyday relaxation tool.

Growing My Skills

Looking at a kid-centric visual interpretation of a classical music rendition will expose your child to a different type of music.

Comment on “what the music sounds like” or ask your child to label one aspect they saw within this video.

Creative Time Activity: Dancing Wands


Ribbon or a plastic table cloth.

Rings (plastic lid, small paper plate, jelly bracelet, etc.)

Skill Check

The goal of this activity is for your child to use fine motor skills to assemble a dancing ring. They can also work on counting and color identification.

Growing My Skills

1. assemble ribbon in order of your choosing

2. Fold each ribbon in half

3. Loop ribbon around the ring and pull tight

5. Dance!

Movement Time Activity: Superman Pose


Yoga mat or towel.

Skill Check

The goal of this week is to use our back and neck muscles, which helps develop our strength for activities such as sitting upright while doing table-top work.

Growing My Skills

If your child is having a hard time holding Superman Pose, try having them just lift their arms OR legs off the ground first, rather than doing both at the same time. They can also place a block or books to support their arms up!

If they can hold Superman pose, increase the challenge by having them hold it longer. First 3 seconds, then 5, then 10, etc.

Try popping bubbles with hands while in Superman pose.

Mealtime Activity: Explore with Food!




Apples and bananas video.

Skill Check

The goal of this activity is to increase your child’s tolerance, exploration, and consumption of different textured fruits.

Growing My Skills

Listen to “Apples and Bananas” song together.

Present each food, whole and in peel, to the child.

Allow your child to explore the food by looking, touching, or smelling while you describe the color, shape, texture of each food.

Prompt your child, or provide full model support, to open the banana and describe the fruit (smell, shape, color, taste).

You may cut the apple into slices and also utilize the same language building ideas of describing the fruit.

As your child demonstrates comfort, you can begin modeling licking/kissing/biting the food, while singing the song.

If your child demonstrates discomfort, that is OK! Exploring by touch or smell is a great way to build upon exploration of new/non-preferred foods.

Language Time Activity: Alligator Play!

Skill Check

The goal of this week is to provide opportunity for your child to increase use, expand, and improve understanding of language through imagination and movement.

Growing My Skills

Read “There’s an Alligator Under My Bed” with your child (Depending on your child’s language skills, adjust the way in which you read the book – read the words, make up your own narrative, use simple words/phrases to describe what you see).

Talk about how alligators move, and imitate utilizing big arm movements as “chomping.”

Allow your child to comment on the pictures, imitate the movement, provide own movement ideas.