Picnic 2

Welcome to Blue Bird Day’s Weekly Lesson Plans. This week we’re continuing the theme Picnic! Read below for more themed lesson plans and activities.

Table Time Activity: Picnic Maze Activity


Picnic Maze PDF Download.

Skill Check

This activity uses a child’s spatial skills, object recognition, and fine motor skills.

Growing My Skills

Print out the template and gather writing material.

Locate the beginning and end.

Assist the child in following different paths to get ant to the picnic basket.

Expand activity by having child create their own “paths” or mazes for an ant to follow.

Floortime Play Activity: Making a Picnic


Backyard or safe area.

Blanket, picnic basket or container.

Pretend food.



Ask children what food should go in the picnic basket.

Gather a blanket, plate/utensils, and explore a great spot to have a picnic outside.

Take the time to slow down and talk to your child.

Listen to their ideas; support their silliness and imagination.

Skill Check

The goal of this activity is to spend time together in a playful, imaginative way. There should be limited structure and a lot of pretending.

Growing My Skills

Read the book in the virtual lesson plan to create ideas for what to “fill” in the picnic basket.

Or ask your child what their favorite picnic food is.

Venture outdoors with your children (within a safe environment with supervision) and enjoy the weather as you have a picnic outside.

Relaxation Time Activity: Berenstein Bears Go to the Picnic


The Bears’ Picnic Read Aloud.

Skill Check

The goal of this activity is to slow down and engage quiet time and listening skills during read-aloud activity.

Growing My Skills

Can your child point out the theme of the book or label a favorite part?

Is your child familiar with the character within this video; if not ask if he/she can see his favorite character doing these activities.

Creative Time Activity: Foam Watermelon Craft Activity





Finger or Brushes (for hands that don’t like paint).

Watermelon Art Sponge Painting.

Skill Check

This activity is great for low demands and quieter time. Assist your child as much or as little as needed dependent on ability. Model activity as needed.

Growing My Skills

Gather your materials.

Cut the foam into triangles.

Place paint onto plates.

Dip sponges into red paint and create “watermelon shapes.”

Use fingers or brushes to dot black paint to create seeds.

Movement Time Activity: Rolling Up in Picnic Blanket


Blanket or yoga mat.

Skill Check

The goal of this week focuses on using your core muscles to roll inside the picnic blanket and getting some sensory input. You end up looking like a burrito!

Growing My Skills

Roll them up tightly inside the blanket.

Once they’re all rolled up, give them a few moments to feel that deep pressure and then unroll them.

If they like movement, quickly unroll them for intense input.

If they’re a little uneasy with fast movement, unroll them slowly to work the core and neck muscles needed for rolling.

Have your child hold a ball with two hands above their head. This challenges your child to really focus on core muscles to roll vs using their hands to push off the ground.

Mealtime Activity: Eating a Picnic


Time to eat a picnic you practiced!

Optional: listen to “Apples & Bananas” by Raffi.

Optional: listen to “Do you like.”

Skill Check

The goal of this activity is to promote snacking on fruit and vegetables, parent modeling opportunities of how to eat fruit and veggies.

Growing My Skills

Pack your picnic basket like you practiced in the social story!

Aim to pack fresh fruits and/or vegetables you can eat with your fingers.

Bring fruits and veggies parents enjoy (maybe bring a new fruit or vegetable?).

Encourage your child to sing the songs (Apples & Bananas by Raffi and Do you like) while eating.

Language Time Activity: Picnic Foods


Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar Caterpillar picture + picture of all the food Coloring sheets of picnic foods and empty picnic basket.

Playdough Toy food items + caterpillar made from a tissue box.

Skill Check

The goal of this week is to target receptive and expressive language through picnic food. Target picture/object identification with play food, on the coloring sheets, or in the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Target expressive language by discussing what food you would bring on a picnic, labeling food items, and describing foods.

Growing My Skills

Sequence events of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by putting the pictures of food in order.

“Pack for a Picnic”- have each child draw/color items in their picnic basket.

Take turns telling each other what you would bring on a picnic.

Make pretend picnic food out of playdoh.

Picnic Foods coloring sheet – Follow directions to color an item based on category/attribute (ex: fruit, vegetable, cold, etc.)

Hand out toy food items and take turns “feeding” the caterpillar – can target turn taking with a sibling.