Holiday Survival Kit

Sensory Kit for Community Outings, Travel, or Family Parties

  • Having a bag on hand with some of your child’s favorite toys can help make the holidays, travel, and family parties a little more enjoyable!
  • Keep 5-10 things in the bag at a time, switching out games or highly preferred toys to maintain novelty. You can place it all in a backpack and have your child carry it for some extra proprioceptive input!
  • It can also be a place that you store some favorite snacks for your child, especially if you are going out to eat or to a family dinner.


  • Body Sock
    • If your child becomes sensitive to loud noises or visual overload, bring along a body sock as a portable sensory room. This is a way to give your child a huge hug in public. Test out with your child at home and work to build a positive relationship with the body sock (magic carpet rides, sack races, portable swing)

  • Headphones
    • Depending on your child’s sensitivity to auditory input, you can provide noise-canceling/ reduction headphones or headphones to play calming music. Check with your child’s occupational therapist to determine his or her specific needs!

  • Toy or activity that your child can complete and remain engaged in Check with your child’s team if you’d like some additional advice on which activities would be best!