Occupational Therapy Holiday Gift Guide

Guest Authored By Grace M, M.S., OTR/L

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer and gift giving to our loved ones! Follow this occupational therapy gift guide for toy ideas to help facilitate improving your child’s skills in the different areas of OT. 

Sensorimotor: The following items help provide sensory seekers with increased inputs by promoting movement and heavy work. 

Blue Bird Day and body sock

Sensory Regulation: These items are great for kids that need help with calming and regulating their bodies. 

Tactile Exploration: We love messy play! These items promote tactile (touch) exploration which improves awareness of the hands as well as sensory processing. 

Fine Motor and Visual-Motor: These items promote using the eyes and hands together, as well as increasing hand and finger strength necessary for school skills and self-care tasks. 

 Reach out to your child’s occupational therapist for more gift ideas or instruction on how to use these items! Happy holidays from your Blue Bird family!