Molly R, MS, DT

Department Head of Developmental Therapy- Therapy Case Management Specialist

Blue Bird Day Staff and Molly Rein

Blue Bird Day Employee Since 2017


Masters of Science in Child Development
Erikson Institute

Bachelors in Psychology
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Credentials and Certification

  • Developmental Therapist Credential 
  • Credentialed Early Intervention Specialist
  • Nonviolent Crisis Prevention Intervention Certified
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certified
  • DCFS Mandated Reporter Certification

Clinical Expertise

  • Specialization in infancy & early child development for birth-3 years
  • Developmental Therapy
  • Facilitating Attuned Interactions Approach (FAN)  
  • Floortime/DIR model 

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My Story

I have worked with young children, families, and educators for over 10 years. Throughout my volunteer and work opportunities, I quickly learned the importance of positive early childhood experiences on later development and the impact relationships have on children throughout their years. I studied child development to gain scientific knowledge and theory in order to provide equitable opportunities for children and families to realize their full potential. Nothing matters more than a child’s early years and I am passionate about continuing to learn how children develop, thrive, and learn in the context of their family, culture, and community.  

My Blue Bird Day

What I enjoy most about Blue Bird Day is the collaboration and support that surrounds me every day within our multi-disciplinary staff. I also love watching each child grow from the day they step foot in Blue Bird’s door until their final graduation; These years are the foundation for their future and I am so lucky to be a part of these families’ journeys and help support them through their growth and transformation during their time with us.  

My Blue Bird Day Goals

  1. To continue expanding my professional self through learning from others, challenging myself, and honing my skills in child development and Developmental Therapy. 


From My Supervisor: Molly is a talented and hardworking therapist, however, her most standout feature has always been her heart. Molly brings passion into everything she does, and her clients benefit from this through personalized and thoughtful care. And as one of the most senior therapists in our clinic, the Blue Bird Day team as a whole benefits from her experience and dedication  -Catie Rueth, Developmental Therapy Department Head