Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida provides a wonderful service for guests visiting with disabilities. The Disability Access Service, known as DAS, was introduced in 2013. The intent of the program is to aid guests who might have a difficult time tolerating waiting in the conventional queue or line for an attraction due to a disability. The DAS service does not allow for immediate access to attractions, but rather provides a return time based on the current standby wait time. This allows for the party to spend their wait time exploring other experiences around the park instead of waiting in the physical line.

Pre-Registration Tips

  • Disney now allows pre-registration for the Disability Access Service. This can be done 30 days prior to your arrival, but at least 2 days prior (you can still register at the park during your visit if you do not pre-register).
  • This pre-registration is done virtually with a Cast Member (Disney employee).
  • The guest with the disability must be present during this virtual live video call.
  • You do not need to disclose the child/guest’s specific disability, just that they would have difficulties waiting in line.
  • During this video call, you will be able to make up to two return times before visiting the park.
    • You will be able to make more selections once you are in the park.
  • Once registered, DAS is valid for 60 days.
  • Access the pre-registration here.

Break Areas

There are areas within all the parks that are slightly less busy that provide a good space to take a break from the sensory overload that can come with visiting Disney World. Here are the recommended spaces within each area of the park:

Magic Kingdom

  • Main Street USA: first aid, street by Crystal Arts
  • Adventureland: Swiss Family Treehouse, Corridor to the left of Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Liberty Square: behind Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe
  • Frontierland: Tom Sawyer Island (NOTE: you must take a raft ride to and from the island and some waiting may be required), Splash Mountain garden area
  • Fantasyland: pathway leading from Cinderella Castle to Fairytale Garden, Pete’s Silly sideshow area, pathway behind The Barnstormer
  • Tomorrowland: near Carousel of Progress


  • World Celebration: courtyard and restroom area outside Imagination pavilion, first aid (part of Odessey Center building next to Test Track)
  • World Nature: area between Seas entrance and Coral Reef restaurant
  • World Discovery: common area near Mission: Space and Test Track
  • World Showcase: Mexico- outside area to the right of the pavilion near the backstage gate; Germany- garden area next to Glaskunst; Japan- garden area; Morocco- village corridors; France- to the right of the buildings along the water’s edge, International Gateway; United Kingdom- garden area at back of pavilion (when shows not running at gazebo)

Hollywood Studios

  • Hollywood Boulevard: first aid
  • Echo Lake: walkway surrounding Echo Lake
  • Animation Courtyard: any outdoor area
  • Sunset Boulevard: courtyard area by Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy
  • Commissary Lane: outside ABC Commissary
  • Toy Story Land/Star Wars:Galaxy’s Edge: pathway between Toy Story Land and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge
  • Grand Ave/Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: tunnel between Grand Ace and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Animal Kingdom

  • Discovery Island: first aid (next to Creature Comforts), Discovery Island Trails
  • Africa: Gorilla Falls Exploration Trial
  • Africa/Pandora: bridge between Africa and Pandora
  • Asia: Maharajah Tiger Trek

Other Tips

  • Guests solely with physical disabilities do not qualify for the DAS. Almost all queues are wheelchair/scooter accessible. Specific services for those with physical disabilities can be accessed here.
  • The day of, you are able to make DAS return times using the new self-selection tool in the My Disney Experience
    • This app is vital to making your Disney World experience the best it can possibly be!
    • To access the My Disney Experience app DAS return time self-selection tool:
      • Sign in to your account
      • Tap the “more” option in the bottom right of the welcome screen
      • Tap the Disability Access Service (DAS) button to enter the self-selection
    • Making a return time reservation the day of without using the app:
      • Go to the attraction of your choice.
      • Make note of the standby wait time and make sure it works with your plans.
      • There will be a Cast Member (Disney employee) at the entrance of the line; let them know you have the DAS and they will provide you with a return time.
    • Other helpful resources:
      • Disability Access Service FAQ’s
      • Guide to Disney for guests with cognitive disability including Autism Spectrum Disorder
      • Email for Disability Services at Disney World for any specific questions (they are very good at responding quickly): services@disneyparks.com

If you have any specific questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly at kellybelknap@bbdprogram.com. Disney World is a passion of mine, and I love to share the experience will everyone!


Disney’s Disability Access Service Website

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