6 Play Positions to Promote Your Child’s Strength and Balance

At Blue Bird Day, our team of Pediatric Physical Therapists incorporate play into their work to promote the development of our clients’ gross motor skills, strength, balance, and endurance. Evidence based practice supports DIR/Floortime as an effective approach to promote development of skills, and incorporating play into our work encourages individual participation and promotes peer interactions. 

Below are different Play Positions for your child to increase their strength and flexibility while having fun! 

 1. Quadruped (All Fours) 

  • On hands and knees 
  • Ensure knees are directly under hips 
  • Hands directly under shoulders 
  • Head looking up and forward 
  • Back and belly flat 

 2. Prone On Elbows 

  • Propped on forearms 
  • Elbows directly under shoulders 
  • Head supporting itself with ears away from the shoulders 
  • Legs together and straight out 

 3. Tall Kneel 

  • Knees together or no more than shoulder-width apart 
  • Knees directly under hips 
  • Trunk upright 


4. Tailor Sit (Criss Cross) 

  • Knees flexed and legs tucked in as far as possible 
  • Trunk upright 

 5. Side Sit 

  • Both legs flexed to the same side 
  • Opposite arm can be extended 
  • Place an activity or toy on the opposite side of legs for trunk rotation  

 6. Long Sit 

  • Both legs straight out in front of body 
  • Place an activity or toy on either side of legs for trunk rotation 

 At Blue Bird Day, Eyas Landing, and Merlin Day Academy, our Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Behavior Therapy teams all collaborate to target your child’s unique goals and to help them generalize their skills across multiple environments. If you would like recommendations tailored to your child’s preferences and goals, please reach out to your therapy team and they can provide more information! 

 Watch our caregiver workshop on Meeting Your Kids Where They’re At in Play to learn more strategies on how to promote your child’s play at home!