Blue Bird Day’s Beyond the Nest Library

Welcome to Blue Bird Day’s library of Beyond the Nest presentations! Watch our therapists present educational caregiver workshops in this Beyond the Nest series.

Strengthening Mealtimes

For our first virtual “Beyond the Nest” caregiver education series, we focused on strengthening mealtime! Watch as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist covers the caregiver’s role at mealtime, participation at the table, and presenting new food to a picky eater.

Screentime Do’s and Don’ts

Join a Speech-Language Pathologist and a Occupational Therapist as they cover the do’s and don’ts of screen time, including developmental implications, alternative activities, and how to create your child’s own digit diet.


Join a Speech-Language Pathologist as she covers the commonly questioned topic of echolalia: Why is my child imitating what I say and how can I shape it into functional and meaningful language?

Supporting the Family

Join these Child Development Specialists as they cover how best to support siblings and build relationships, healthy family dynamics, and strategies to support the overall family unit.

Ask Birdie

Watch our panel of Blue Bird Day therapists, including an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, and Social Worker, answer questions and provide advice during our Beyond the Nest caregiver training featuring Ask Birdie.

Posture in the Home

Watch as a Physical therapist gives a caregiver education presentation on Posture in the Home. Learn postural modifications for tabletop activities in the home, ideas for comfortable and supportive seating, and creative seating alternatives.

Building and Expanding on Play Skills

Join a Developmental Therapist for a caregiver educational workshop on Play Skills as she discusses the usage of household items for play.

Developing Consistent Routines

Watch Behavior Technicians give an educational caregiver workshop focusing on Developing Consistent Routines!

Open Enrollment

Guest speaker John Novi, Vice President, Cosmat Insurance, guides you through the ins and outs of the insurance marketplace.

Functional Play and Playdates

Join Blue Bird Day and Neighborhood Parents Network for a virtual workshop and learn more about Functional Play and Playdates from a Developmental Therapist and a Therapy Case Manager.

Getting Your Child an Appropriate IEP

Watch guest speaker Matt Cohen, Founder of Matt Cohen & Associates, discuss Individualized Education Programs to help you decide if you want to pursue an IEP for your child.

Toileting Trouble: How Can Physical Therapy Help?

Join Physical Therapists for an educational caregiver workshop as they cover potential physiological barriers to successful toilet training and how to address them.

Re-Evaluating Fruits and Vegetables

Watch our caregiver education workshop on Re-Evaluating Fruits and Vegetables – What Does my Child Really Need? Dietitian Nutritionists will cover 1) The benefits of fruits and vegetables for young children. 2) The ideal serving size of fruits and vegetables for preschoolers and kindergartners. 3) The best source of fiber for diarrhea versus constipation. 4) Ways to include more fruit and vegetables for picky eaters.

Joining in with Your Child’s Play

Watch our caregiver education workshop on Joining in with Your Child’s Play! Does your child play with the same toy, the same way, all day? Several Speech-Language Pathologists cover ways to join your child’s play.

IEP Panel Q&A

Listen as our panel of experts — the Director of Merlin Day Academy, a Disability Rights Lawyer, and a Parent who has gone through the IEP Process — give a caregiver educational workshop and Q&A on IEPs.

Bedtime Routines

Watch our educational caregiver workshop on Building a Bedtime Routine. Occupational therapists cover the benefits of a bedtime routine and how to build a healthy routine including sensory, environmental, and social emotional strategies that can improve your child’s quality of sleep.

Basics of Sensory Processing and Integration within the Home

Sister company Eyas Landing’s Occupational Therapists are guest hosting this month! The OTs will cover the basic principles of the seven sensory systems, the different ways dysregulation presents within these sensory systems, and strategies to work on increasing a child’s sensory processing and modulation skills within the home environment.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) at Blue Bird Day

Behavior Analysts answer Common Questions Asked When Beginning ABA Services along with Common Evidence Based Strategies Used in ABA at Blue Bird Day.

Simple Signing and Functional Communication

Watch our educational caregiver workshop on Simple Signing and Functional Communication Speech-Language Pathologists and a Behavior Technician cover ways to support your child’s communication beyond just speaking. Topics include American Sign Language, visuals/choices, and schedules with time to practice new signs and ask questions.

Building Positive Mealtimes

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Speech-Language Pathologist cover recommendations for meal and snack time, tips for creating a positive mealtime at home, and how to foster food exploration!

Dual Lenses: My Perspective as a Special Needs Mom and a Therapist

Join a Physical Therapist Assistant as she shares with you what she’s learned as the parent of a daughter with autism, as well as the insight she’s gained as a therapist.

Chicago Autism Network Resources for Families

Kimi Matsumura is CEO and Founder of the Chicago Autism Network (CAN) and a former Blue Bird Day parent. CAN offers grants to help Chicago area families access insurance coverage for their children.