Congratulations Dr. Greif!

We are excited to announce that Blue Bird Day’s Dr. Alexa Greif will be presenting at this year’s American Occupational Therapy Association conference in New Orleans! As part of the dissemination of her doctoral work, Alexa will be presenting a short course to occupational therapists alongside Dr. Ashley Stoffel from the University of Illinois at Chicago. The title of her presentation is “Using Participation and Occupation to Guide the Pediatric Occupational Therapy Process.” The purpose of this educational session is to demonstrate occupational therapy’s distinct value in contributing to enhancing participation outcomes for children, youth and families, particularly when the process is guided by occupation-focused models and supported by the evidence for OT intervention effectiveness. Through a review of the International Classification of Functioning-Children and Youth (ICF-CY), participants will be able to identify specific areas in which occupational therapy supports and expands on participation constructs and will engage in a case study example of applying these to occupational therapy practice. In addition, the session will conclude with engagement in a knowledge translation activity, in which participants will develop an action plan to apply information learned in this course immediately to their clinical practice.

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