Preparing Your Child When Your Family Dynamic Changes

Guest Authored By Colleen M, RBT

Family dynamics can change frequently for a variety of reasons.  There are many influences on family dynamics, some of these influences may be: 

  • Number of children in the family 
  • Events that affected family members 
  • Family values 
  • Culture and ethnicity 
  • Economic influences

There are different approaches you may take to prepare your child for changes in family dynamics.  Here are some of the approaches you can take: 

Open yourself up to questions from your child: 

Your child may feel curious and confused about different life changes.  If you open the door to discussion with your child, they may feel more at ease as these changes affect your family dynamics.

Utilize social stories:

Prior to these changes taking place within your family dynamics, utilize social stories with your children.  Creating and reading stories to your child about how things may be different in your home life is useful in preparing your child for these changes.  In these stories you create, paint the picture for your child.  You can explain what the change is going to be and what it is going to look like for the child and your family.  Reading this book may also assist with a guided discussion with your child about these changes in your family dynamics.