At Blue Bird, we help our children realize that each person is unique and special. They learn that every person’s thoughts and interests are important and no one is less or more important than another! For preschoolers, one of the first ways they express their individuality is by identifying their favorite color. You may notice your preschooler gravitating towards a particular color when they use crayons, get dressed, or during play. This is great way to spark the question: “What is your favorite color?” Using your preschooler’s favorite color is a great way to get them to explore color through art projects, science experiments, books, and more!

Exploring Color through ART!

Bubble painting is a fun art activity to do at home to explore color. Your preschooler will love blowing bubbles and combining colors to make beautiful prints!

You will need:

• Paint (can substitute food coloring)
• Dish soap
• Water
• Straws
• Push pin
• Construction paper

To prepare for this activity, you will need to used a push pin to poke a hole into the straw. This will make it much more difficult for your preschooler to suck up the painting solution. It you are still concerned about using paint, you can use food coloring instead! To create the paint solution, mix a small amount of paint, a squirt of dish soap, and water into a small container. You may have to play around a little bit to get the best ratio of paint to water to soap. The painting solution should be thin enough so that when your preschooler blows bubbles into the liquid, the bubbles expand over the top of the container. Then have your preschooler lightly press the paper over the bubbles. This leaves an interesting pattern on the paper!

Exploring Color Through SCIENCE!

Another exciting way to explore color is through a science experiment! One of our favorite activities we do at Blue Bird Day is the Color Theory Volcanoes. Our Blue Birds love mixing baking soda and vinegar together and watching the volcanoes erupt! By making two different colored volcanoes erupt next to each other, you can start introducing color theory to your preschooler. Have your preschooler pick two colors and try to predict what color they are going to make! Please note: Touching the mixture is safe, but make sure your Blue Bird keeps their hands away from their eyes.

You will need:

• Baking Soda
• Vinegar
• Food Coloring
• Various Containers – At least two smaller containers for the baking soda and vinegar and one larger container to catch the overflow.

Exploring Color Through READING!

Color is one of the most noticeable attributes of the world around us. The ability to identify colors is a building block for your preschooler’s cognitive development. “What is your favorite color?” is one of the first WH- questions preschoolers learn how to answer. It is the precursor to being able to answer other favorite questions like: “What is your favorite food?” or “What is your favorite holiday?” It also introduces them to similarities and differences and encourages your preschooler to open up about their own uniqueness!

Female teacher sitting at a table with two preschool or kindergarten aged children. They are all painting.

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