Self-Care in the Workplace

In these times of uncertainty, we have seen an increase in anxiety and other mental health conditions. With the continued effects of COVID-19 and now the new strain Omicron, self-care is more important than ever. With being an essential worker, self-care can be easily be put on the backburner and leaves us pondering questions such as, “when do I find time to care for myself? Is it being selfish to take time for myself?” The fact is that we if do not take time for ourselves, we are doing a disservice to ourselves and our clients. If we are not well, whether physically, mentally, spiritually, etc., how can we efficiently be available to our clients or the others in our lives? As essential workers, we often forget that we have to breath even while on the clock. Without incorporating self-care within our daily work lives, burnout can occur quickly.

Below are some strategies that we can do to promote self-care in the workplace. Feel free to add your own self-care strategies that work for you and those that you care for.

  1. Take breaks
  2. Don’t work while on breaks
  3. Set boundaries
  4. Know your limits
  5. Seek help when necessary
  6. Get fresh air
  7. Be creative (color, draw, paint, read, etc)
  8. Journal to release your negative thoughts and feelings
  9. Take time off
  10. Take time off!!