Sensory Play

Bored at home and looking to add some sensory activities into your child’s daily routine? Check out our recipe book for messy play activities using pantry staplesactivity guide, or sensory home programs!

Sensory Activities E-book

Download Blue Bird Day’s Sensory Activity E-book for fun and therapeutic sensory processing activities to do at home.

Proprioception: The Sixth Sense

We know about sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch… but what if someone told you there’s a sixth sense?

Something to Chew On: Exploring Oral Motor Sensory Seeking

A child’s sensory system works to help them to see, hear, touch, taste, smell, and feel where their bodies are in relation to others and in space.

Heavy Work Activities to do at Home!

Here’s a list of activities compiled for home that can be incorporated into the child’s daily routine.

Boosting Language Skills with the Five Senses

As children develop, they become explorers of their natural world, experiencing new sights, sounds, smells, and sensations. It’s important to recognize that while children with language and sensory difficulties experience these stimuli in a unique way, the novelty and uncertainty of these experiences provide a wonderful opportunity for you, as a parent and communication partner, to facilitate and promote language use, growth, and development.

Line Dances

We live in a world of straight movement: your car rolling down the highway, your daily train commute to work, the “line dances” you grew up with! An interweaving net of roads that connect your house to Blue Bird Day and the blur of images that zoom past you on a weekly basis. 

Sensory Smart Holiday Gift Guide

How do you choose what to buy for your sensory seeker? Lucky for you, Blue Bird Day’s sensory friendly holiday gift guide is here! 

Spinning Tea Cups and the Vestibular System

Remember going to the local fair or a big amusement park as a child? The excitement of knowing that, for a minute, your body was about to defy the laws of gravity on those amazing machines! You were going to be flipped and spun and dropped. And the spinning tea cups! Or maybe you dreaded these trips. The thought of your head spinning in circles and your feet going over your head was terrifying. You had no desire to feel the dizziness as you tried to walk back to your parents.