Amanda L, MA, CCC-SLP

Where are you from? Fort Wayne, Indiana
What did you study?Undergrad: Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences; minors in Psychology and Dance. Grad: Speech-Language Pathology
Name the moment that inspired you to take your career path. I received speech therapy in elementary school for articulation therapy with my /s/ speech sound. I remember how much I liked my speech pathologist, and how she helped increase my confidence and improve my ability to communicate with others, and wanted to help make an impact on children like she did for me.
What do you specialize in? • DIR/Floortime
• Expressive and receptive language disorders
• Phonological and articulation disorders
• Early language acquisition and development
• Social-pragmatic language development
• Fluency
• Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Parent coaching
Coffee or Tea?Coffee
Favorite therapeutic swing?Rainbow Swing
What do you consider your greatest accomplishment? Receiving my Masters in Speech Language Pathology
Books or Movies?Both
Where would you go on your dream vacation?Italy
What is your favorite children’s book? Rainbow Fish
What skill are you most proud of? Ability to help my clients’ speech and language improve, and watching their confidence and ability to communicate grow.
Winter or Summer?Summer

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Speech-Language Pathologist, Department Head
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