Dr. Joelyn (Joely) A, OTD, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist
Blue Bird Day Employee Since 2022

Credentials and Certifications

  • Licensed and Registered Occupational Therapist
  • American Heart Association Basic Life Support (CPR and AED)

Clinical Expertise

  • Pediatric Occupational Therapy
  • Handwriting

Professional Goals

  1. To continue to grow my clinical skills, adding evidence-based tools to my OT toolbox, to best support my clients and their families.
  2. To expand my knowledge and understanding of sensory integration and sensory-based interventions.
  3. To continue to grow in leadership through participation in Blue Bird Day initiatives.

My Story

Growing up, my little brother had an extensive stay at Riley Hospital for Children where he had to relearn how to perform all of his previously achieved milestones (sitting, walking, and self-care tasks). During his hospitalization, I became passionate about working with the pediatric population in a healthcare setting. In high school, I was spending time at my cousin’s house when her occupational therapist came over for an in-home session. Observing the session, I became fascinated by the profession of occupational therapy and knew that OT was the career that I wanted to pursue. Since then, I have continued to fall in love with OT and the difference that I can make in the lives of others through this profession.

My Education

Doctor of Occupational Therapy,
Indiana University

My Blue Bird Day

I am so grateful and excited for the opportunity to work with and positively impact the children and families who attend Blue Bird Day. I have previous experience working in a therapeutic preschool setting, and I am excited to continue learning and growing my skill set in this unique setting.

My Publications

Alexander, J., Gordon, M., Heydon, M., Klukken, A., Moring, K., Nguyen, E. (2020). Rapid systematic Review of occupational therapy adaptable interventions to improve social engagement in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. Indiana University Occupational Therapy ScholarWorks. https://hdl.handle.net/1805/23853

Blue Bird Day

Blue Bird Day fosters socialization, sensory regulation, and pre-academic learning in children ages 2–7 years in therapeutic rotations that simulate  preschool and kindergarten settings. Our compassionate therapists practice a relationship-based and family-centered approach, provide parent training, and collaborate on goals and individualized intensive treatment plans for your child.

We believe in a collaborative and multi-disciplinary team approach to therapy.  A team of occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, dietitians, developmental therapists, behavioral therapists, physical therapists, and therapeutic assistants are created for each child to ensure child and family are fully supported and the best possible results are achieved.  

Options for individualized, group and virtual therapy sessions are available as well. 

Want to learn more or you have a specific question? Feel free to connect with us here!