Mercedes H, LSW

Where are you from? Illinois.
What did you study?Masters of Social Work,
University of Illinois at Chicago;

Bachelors of Science in Psychology,
Loyola University Chicago

What do you specialize in? Mental Health, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mood and Anxiety, Child and Family Dynamics, Parent Management Training, Trauma, Coping and Social Skills.
Coffee or Tea?Coffee in the morning, tea before bed!
What you do consider your greatest accomplishment? Graduating with my Masters and passing my licensure exam!
Books or Movies?Both!
Where would you go on your dream vacation?Eating my way through Japan or Europe (Italy, Greece, France, etc.)
What is your favorite children’s book? Llama Llama Red Pajama or Love You Forever.
What skill are you most proud of? I am calm, patient, and empathic. I do my best to hear everyone out before making a decision or a choice. I work well with others to provide the best care for my clients and am focused to work with them and their goals.
Winter or Summer?If I had to choose, summer but I LOVE FALL!
Child Development Specialist, Licensed Social Worker
Blue Bird Day Staff and Mercedes H