Date Night

Finding time to have a date night with your significant other while parenting is challenging. Having a date night during the Coronavirus feels impossible. So how do you stay connected to your partner and keep your connection alive? With some creativity, thoughtful planning, and intentional focus you can deepen your relationship during these challenging times.

First, think of time when you both have some energy and time alone. Do your children have some time with their grandparents or other trusted caregivers? What about after everyone is in bed? Early in the morning on the weekend? During your lunch break? Often we fill up those times with chores to do around the house, projects for work, or phone calls and emails. Scheduling an intentional time, while not the most romantic, can communicate that you are focusing on your relationship and want to make it a priority. So look at your calendars and find some time, even half an hour, to focus on one another. 

Talk about what you want to do on your date. Sure spontaneity is great, but if you have a plan, you can figure out a good time, location, and focus for your time together. What types of activities help you and your partner relax and reconnect? Do you want to order in food? Or do you want to cook for one another? Do you want to have a movie night? Or time to work on a shared hobby like a board game, puzzles, or creating art togetherDo you need quiet time together or would something active help support your bond? Planning ahead can make your time together less stressful as you won’t have to make any decisions in the moment, everything has been thought out! 

Taking time to focus on one another may not be easy but if you make it a habit, it can become a part of your natural schedule. Prioritizing a regular date together can refresh your energy and help you support one another during this challenging time. Ultimately, by strengthening your partnership, you will be strengthening your family and your individual selves.