Holiday Gifts for PT

The Holiday Season is upon us! With that, there is gift giving and enjoying time with the family! With so many types of toys out there, it can be overwhelming to think of presents for your littles. We’ve put together a gift guide to keep your kiddos on the move and developing through the holiday season! These gifts encompass a myriad of skills from balancing to ball play and even yoga!  

Motor Coordination and Object Manipulation  

Motor Coordination and Object Manipulation encompass an array of ball skills from throwing objects at targets, upper and lower body strength and coordination, and play skills with peers.  

Core activation  

Core activation engages tummy and back muscles. This helps bring stability and balance during play. Tummy and back muscle help your child sit and stand upright 


Balance activities improve walking, playing, and posture skills. These ultimately help kids excel in their gross motor skills to help keep up with their peers when running, jumping, and kicking a soccer ball.   


If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to email your child’s Physical Therapist!

Blue Bird Day and Laura Mraz