Sensory Friendly Airports

Travelling can be both adventurous and stressful. To avoid the stress of airports some parents may avoid vacations far from home to avoid flyingThere are not many airports in the U.S that are sensory friendly but I did find 3 sensory friendly airports below, as well as a social story and videos.  

The following airports located in the U.S. are sensory friendly:   

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. This airport created a calming space for kids on the spectrum. 

Myrtle Beach Airport. This airport has a quiet room for anyone on thspectrum or special needs who are in need of a place to decompress after their flight. 

Pittsburgh International AirportThis airport opened a suite of “sensory rooms” inside its airside terminal to help travelers on the autism spectrum decompress from the stress of flying.  

Social story and videos:  

Canucks Autism Network and Vancouver International Airport created a social story that helps prepare children for airport travel from home. I CAN Fly with YVR has a YouTube video series that walks children through the process of flying. The website to download the social story and watch the videos can be found here.