Our Administrative Team

Meet our Administrative team of Office Managers, Receptionists, Human Resources, Data Collection, Administrative Assistants, Billing Specialists, Facilities, Marketing, IT, and more. Our highly qualified and knowledgeable staff are here to help your child achieve their goals and reach their fullest potential.

Dr. Laura Mraz, OTD, OTR/L
Executive Director, Occupational Therapist

In 2007, I established Eyas Landing where I first provided developmental therapy services for children in Early Intervention and have since grown the company to offer a wide range of therapy services that are provided in the clinic, home, school, daycare and virtually.”

Erin D, M.Ed.
Director of Administration

“I was hooked after my 2nd week here when a client made eye contact and smiled for the first time – it was a huge moment for him and our whole team and his development just took off from there… I learn something new everyday and I’m surrounded by a community that wants to always do the best we can.”

Jalesa H
Assistant Director of Administration

“Volunteering at my church’s youth summer camp and working at the LEGO store lead me to look for a career working with children.” Volunteering at my church’s youth summer camp and working at the LEGO store lead me to look for a career working with children.

Alexa G, OTD, OTR/L
Director of Program Development

One of my favorite things about working for Blue Bird is having the opportunity to truly get to know a child and their family through daily therapy and establishing an effective therapeutic relationship through play-based interventions.”

Human Resources

Natasha D
Human Resources Coordinator

“I am a Chicago native and graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BS in Organizational & Corporate Communication… I have a passion for helping people!… I’m looking forward to making a difference in the lives of many children because our efforts matter to their future!”

Laura D
HR Associate

“Having two kids who have gone through early intervention, I have seen firsthand the positive impact such services had on their lives… I’ve watched my children grow into thriving individuals and I am grateful for the foundation that Eyas Landing helped lay for them… Working with Blue Bird Day feels like a full circle moment for me.”

Nancy M
HR Associate

Staffing and Employee satisfaction has always been an interest of mine. I like being behind the scenes and watching how my efforts help a company I work for grow… My goal is to learn and grow within the Human Resources department to provide the best service to the company’s personnel.”

Office Management

Kristen P
Office Manager, Wheaton

“I have been in the Western Suburbs working with youth and families… The creation and implementation of organizational systems has always been a passion for me and I have enjoyed watching the growth and development of the programs lead to the enhanced experience of the youth and parents.”

Cindy A
Office Manager, Northcenter

“I’m originally from central Indiana and graduated from Ball State University where I studied hospitality management… I’ve always enjoyed providing assistance to people and putting my organizational and logistical skills to use so administration feels like a natural fit.”

Alaina S
Office Manager, West Loop

“I want to use my HR, administration, advocacy, and recruiting skills within an agency that works with a community that I’m extremely close to and passionate about. I have seen how critical it is for families to have resources and support.”

Data Collection

Dorothy R
Data Manager

“I genuinely appreciate children’s natural curiosity about the environment they’re in. I have over fifteen years of experience working directly with infants through elementary age in a variety of settings such as summer camps, child care, after school programs, nanny, and therapeutic school.”

Kate K-M, BA, RBT
Data Collection Specialist

Kate is a great addition to the Data Team. She’s willing to take on any projects and keeps the communication line open. Thank you for all you do!” — Peer Testimonial

Kate is a great addition to the Data Team. She’s willing to take on any projects and keeps the communication line open. Thank you for all you do!” — Peer Testimonial

Adamajan B
Data Collection Assistant

“You have such a kind heart and positive attitude! Your positivity has helped brighten my day and I know helps brighten the client’s day always! Keep being awesome Adama!” — Peer Testimonial

Kate is a great addition to the Data Team. She’s willing to take on any projects and keeps the communication line open. Thank you for all you do!” — Peer Testimonial


Megan C
Administrative Manager

“HUGE thank you to the incomparable Megan C for all of her assistance, problem-solving, and expertise with scheduling during COVID, especially as we go into the fall semester. This has been an immense undertaking and your patience, calm demeanor, and quick thinking have made this process so much smoother. Thank you, Megan!” — Peer Testimonial

Omega B
Administrative Assistant, Scheduling Lead

“I have experience as an academic tutor/support personnel for ages ranging from elementary to college age students. I am passionate about supporting others and ensuring that they have access to the tools they need to succeed and excel. I chose to be a part of the admin team to gain administration experience and grow in the variety of opportunities offered at Blue Bird Day.”

Alex C, MA
Administrative Assistant, Billing Lead

“I had just moved to Chicago after finishing graduate school in Boston and I wanted to build administrative experience in a field advocating for families and their health needs… I joined Blue Bird Day in January of 2020 and what interesting years they’ve been! I’ve definitely been glad to work with a positive and flexible team and I’ve learned a lot about being adaptive as an organization.”

Abigail T
Administrative Assistant, Scheduling Lead

“I graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2019 with my Bachelor of Arts in Dance and a minor in Education… After spending two years as a daycare teacher, I realized just how much I love working with children. I am passionate about meeting kids where they are to help facilitate their growth and development. I was excited to find a place like Blue Bird Day that does just that!”

Jonelyn G
Administrative Assistant

Jonelyn always gets things done very quickly which is greatly appreciated and so helpful!! She is also very efficient… Jonelyn is always willing to help in anyway she can and is a billing wiz!… She is doing an awesome job assisting our families with all of their billing concerns in her new role. Great job Jonelyn!” — Peer Testimonial

Marcelo U
Administrative Assistant

“In Costa Rica, I studied social work with an emphasis in therapeutic intervention. Since coming to the United States, I wanted to use my degree working with a population where I can best use my knowledge… My goal is to thoroughly enjoy what I’m doing, feel like I’m making a difference, and grow and exceed within the company.”

Matthew G
Administrative Assistant

“I attended University of Illinois at Springfield and received a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Communication/Public Administration. My professional goals are to work as an administrative assistant and eventually move into working as a scheduling specialist.”

Jennifer Julien N
Administrative Assistant

I always knew I wanted to work in the healthcare sphere from a young age because I’ve always found a lot of meaning in that kind of work. As I’ve grown, I’ve found myself to be drawn more to the administrative side of healthcare rather than something patient facing because I’ve always been more of an introvert.”

Liz C
Administrative Assistant

“After working as a rehabilitation aide, I wanted to gain more knowledge on the administration aspect… My professional goal is to maximize effective and efficient healthcare systems for everyone.”

Emery H
Administrative Assistant

“I am passionate about the effect that positive administration can have on an organization, and am excited to bring that energy… My goal is to create a welcoming and communicative environment that allows people to be their best, most creative selves.”


Kristi M

“As my three children were attending school each day, I was motivated to work in a supportive role within the field of education… I wanted to continue to maintain interprofessional relationships while developing new skills in an environment with daily interactions, with students and families. My experiences have shown me the strong connection between healthcare and education and drove me to find a setting that values both.”


Jaime G
Facilities Manager

“I first worked in early childhood education in 2008 when I started my first job as a soccer instructor at Lil Kickers soccer for kids. It was there where I first learned about Blue Bird Day and soon after joined the BBD team for the first time as TA… BBD has always been more than just job for me. It’s a field that I’m passionate about and one that I genuinely believe makes a difference in a lot of kids lives.”

Joseph A
Facilities Tech

“I received my Certificate of Construction and Maintenance and my Certificate of HVAC from Coyne College.”

“I received my Certificate of Construction and Maintenance and my Certificate of HVAC from Coyne College.”

“I received my Certificate of Construction and Maintenance and my Certificate of HVAC from Coyne College.”


Ivy C
Staff Accountant

“I have been a Staff Accountant for over ten years in non-profit social services and before that worked in retail accounting. I enjoy seeing how my work supports our staff and our company’s mission!”


Mack S
Marketing Manager

“I cut my teeth in start ups and was most recently overseeing DIY home security product launches… It was a great learning experience, but… I wanted to pursue something that made a positive impact on my community. After learning about the unique and vital services that Blue Bird Day provides, I knew I wanted to be a part of the marketing team so I could help spread the word about the incredible work being done here!”

Evie W
Community Outreach and Intake Manager

“I have an entrepreneurial spirit. I started in retail and transitioned to wholesale and ultimately owned my own firm representing numerous manufactures in the apparel industry. My greatest accomplishment is owning my own business and employing a team of great representatives. I’m also proud of my ability to be welcoming and put people at ease.”


William P
IT Support Specialist

“I received my Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems from CUNY Baruch.”

“I received my Bachelor’s of Business Administration in 

Thomas P
IT Support Specialist

“My professional goals are to acquire my CCNA certification and I’d also like to get more experience with systems and technologies that are not related to my networking background.”


Veronica H

Carlee M

Rosa G

Raul C

Angelica B

Jose S